‘Tis the season to be married


With the lovely weather comes the busy wedding season in Adelaide.

Putting the pieces together for your big day is a big task. Whatever phase of wedding planning you find yourself in - please get in touch

Even if you haven't set the date and location for your wedding yet, you may like to get in touch to get an idea of what options we have. Contact us for a pricing guide.


Do you provide all your own audio equipment?

We certainly do have all the necessary PA equipment to take care of all of our own audio requirements and also to allow use of our microphone for speeches and MC etc. This is all included in our wedding packages.

Does location affect pricing?

Yes it does. Weddings in the Adelaide metropolitan area require less travel time for the musicians than weddings in the Barossa Valley or perhaps down at Victor Harbour. For that reason, we have an easy to follow zone system on our pricing guide. Contact us for a PDF.

Is it customary to feed the musicians at a wedding?

For events of more than 3 hours it is likely that the musicians will have around an hour or more of setup and pack-down time either side of playing plus driving time to the event. For this reason, it is definitely customary for each band member to receive a main meal. Let your caterer know how many musicians and photographers you will have at the wedding.

What happens if the event isn't running to schedule?

Running sheets for weddings and other events are generally just a rough guide and it's pretty uncommon for the meals to come out exactly to the minute etc. Our bands have played hundreds of events and are adept at collaborating with the caterers and MC to make sure none of the guests would even be aware that the event was running off the grid. One thing to remember is that guests don't have copies of the running sheet and don't really care about the timing as long as everyone is having fun. We're quite happy to stretch out a set, cut one short, divide the sets up a bit differently... whatever it takes to make it the best night of your life. So you needn't worry at all about timing as we've got your back.

Can you keep the noise down during dinner?

Absolutely! There is nothing worse than having to yell to the person across the table or just next to you. Our bands are experienced professionals who are adept at controlling their volume to suit the phase of the evening. Naturally, the later part of the evening is when people want to get up and party, but it is important for the band to play at an appropriate volume earlier in the reception.

Should I tell the band right away if I think their volume needs to change or should I wait until later?

The band will use their judgement to set the level and will certainly not take offense if your idea of an appropriate level is up or down from their estimate. The best thing to do is communicate with the band leader throughout the evening as we are great at what we do, but can't read minds so please don't hesitate to keep communication open and tell us straight away as it's your special event and things should be exactly as you envisage.

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